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8 Best keyboard For Writers

As a writer, I spend so many hours on my laptop writing. I need a good quality keyboard to allow me to type more comfortably. I have tried a lot of keyboards to find the best one that has helped me to find my writing flow. In this blog, I want to share my experiences with you to help you find the best keyboards for writers. A good keyboard for writers can make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to write books, blogs, and articles etc. However, most people don’t know what features are important for a writer when it comes to a keyboard. In this blog, I list down some great keyboards for writers.

Most people that have a computer will have a keyboard, but what if you have to type a long document? You don’t have to keep going back to the mouse to correct your typing. It’s time to look for what is known as a writer’s keyboard. For years, I’ve been using the default Android keyboard to type. It wasn’t the best Android keyboard, but it was the most convenient. I used the stock Google keyboard for a long time.

The problem with the default keyboard was it couldn’t recognize my voice dictation. I tried changing the keyboard, but I could never find one that worked better. Fortunately, someone came up with a better idea. They created a best keyboards for writers that’s designed to help you type faster and smarter. That new keyboard is called, Type Machine. You can also access your most visited sites by clicking on the icons. You can also search the internet directly from the web browser or you can get a quote from  Wolfram Alpha .

Top 3 Best keyboard for writer


Razer black window elite


Apple Magic Keyboard 2


Logitech Multi-Device K780

Razer black window elite

Best keyboards for writers


GeneralMultimedia keys
Lightning portWireless

This blog will cover the Razer Black Widow Elite keyboard. The keyboard is an improved version of the original Black Widow mechanical keyboard. It’s one of the most popular Best keyboard for writers on the market and this blog will cover why Razer is known for their mechanical keyboards and why the new Elite keyboard is better. Engineered and designed using the world’s most advanced technology, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is the first keyboard with a mechanical switch designed specifically for gaming.

It combines the best of both worlds of membrane and mechanical switches to enable the fastest, most comfortable and highly-responsive typing experience; a product of the highest quality, a result of the collaborative endeavor between Razer and world-renowned mechanical keyboard switch experts, TTC, a world leader in the switch industry. Looking backlit keyboard and an all-new, edgy black finish. It also comes with a gaming mouse that can be used to your heart’s content and mouse bungee to save your mouse cord from fraying.

  • pleasing click
  • Excellent value for money
  • Backlighting that is bright
  • Exceptionally cosy
  • In-depth software
  • tough to use.
  • Case made of plastic
  • There is no volume
  • control or knob

Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Mechanical Best Keyboards for writers


Height0.16–0.43 inch (0.4
Width10.98 inches (27.89 cm)
Depth4.52 inches (11.49 cm)
Weight0.53 pound (0.239 kg)*

The Apple Magic Keyboard was released alongside the new MacBook Pro and is a welcome addition. It’s thin, light, very easy to type on and it even has a rechargeable battery. It also gives you access to a host of useful features and apps which can help you get the most out of this keyboard.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a standout amongst the most pleasant items I’ve utilized in years. The only thing more magnificent than getting this thin and strong (1.5 lbs). Bluetooth keyboard was the way that it was a cake walk to connect over Bluetooth to my network.

Apple has once again redesigned one of its classic accessories—the Apple Magic Keyboard. This is a Best Keyboards for writers that can help you type faster, more accurate and with more comfort. Here’s our review of this classic keyboard.

The Apple Magic Keyboard 2 is pretty magical for a keyboard, but it’s about time somebody took the time to do a review of the product. As you’ll see in this blog, the keyboard is pretty slick, but not perfect. The keyboard is rechargeable, which is great news. If you charge it once a week, you’ll probably never need to buy a new battery. It also has a really long battery life as well. I’ve been using mine for quite awhile now, and I’ve never had to recharge it.

  • Excellent build quality
  • responsive and easy
  • The trackpad improves
  • usability as a laptop.
  • USB-C port
  • Expensive Requires
  • use of some iPad battery

Logitech Multi-Device K780

Best Budget Keyboard for writers


Device TypeKeyboard
Weight30.86 oz
Keys Qty98

There are many keyboards around that can be used with a wide variety of devices. This includes your smartphone to your tablet and even your laptop. Today, we are looking at the Logitech Multi-Device K780. Its goal is to provide you with a single keyboard that can be used with a variety of devices. Today, we’re going to be talking about the Logitech K780 Multi-device keyboard. This is a good keyboard for those of you who like to switch between several devices. For example, maybe you like to have a desktop PC, a laptop and an android phone. As somebody who likes to switch between all three types of devices, this is the perfect keyboard for me.This is a feature on the Logitech keyboard which has the ability to connect to three devices at the same time and switch between them at the push of a button.

This can be helpful for a small business and it is worth looking into. The Logitech K780 multi device keyboard makes typing easy whether you are using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Not only is it easy to type but it is designed to work with numerous OS including Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac OS. Here are the pros and cons of this multi device keyboard. For most of us, our digital lives are more than just a smartphone or a tablet.

Whether it’s a smart home hub, a gaming console, or something else, chances are you have to interact with more than one device for your digital needs. The Logitech MX Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard K780 has a layout that is designed to be flexible enough to handle the most common tasks. You can even switch between different devices from the keyboard itself. Here are some of the details of this keyboard.

  • The design is adaptable
  • It’s possible to couple
  • three devices at the same time
  • It was a fantastic typing experience
  • Customization
  • choices are limited.
  • This is not a particularly
  • travel-friendly location.

Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard

Best Wireless Keyboard for writers


Pro KeyboardCherry MX
45 gramactivation force

Today I’m reviewing the Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard. The Kinesis Freestyle Pro is a split ergonomic keyboard and it’s one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used. It has a lot of cool features and I’ll be diving into each one of them in this review.
Kinesis Freestyle Pro is the mid-range model in the Kinesis family of ergonomic keyboards. The Freestyle Pro has all the features of the Freestyle2 but with a few added features for power users.

If you love typing on a keyboard then you should really check out the new Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard. This new keyboard helps you type faster and more comfortably than any other keyboard on the market. If you are serious about being productive with your computer then you will love this new keyboard. The Kinesis Freestyle Pro is a premium ergonomic keyboard that is available in the market since September 2015.

The keyboard uses a patent-pending ergonomic layout designed to reduce muscle fatigue. The Kinesis Freestyle Pro has a new mechanical key switch called the Freestyle Pro Membrane.

The Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard is a revolutionary product that could completely change the way people type. It has been designed with ergonomics and speed in mind. If you think that you are on the keyboard all day then this is the product for you. The Kinesis Freestyle Pro is the latest keyboard from the company who practically invented the ergonomic keyboard years ago. The Freestyle Pro comes with a number of interesting features and is really aimed at streamers and professional gamers. If you’re looking for a keyboard that will improve your gaming, then the Freestyle Pro could be the one for you.

  • Excellent e design
  • There are numerous
  • keybinding choices.
  • The construction made
  • cheap plastic.
  • There is no backlighting.

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Best Portable Keyboard for writers


Device TypeKeyboard
Interface2.4 GHz
Wireless ReceiverUSB wireless receiver

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800, you will enjoy the freedom of wireless computing at home, at the office, or on the go. This compact wireless keyboard features Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology for working or playing up to 10 meters (33 feet) away. The touch sensor controls light up your keyboard – no more hunting for the right key in the dark. The K800 keyboard features three touch sensitive controls (for media, browsing, and email) conveniently located under the spacebar, with extra programmable F-keys and a special gaming mode.

 Keyboards are perfect for groups, families, or shared workspaces, and are a must for crowded computer labs and classrooms. We’ve lifted the limitations placed on standard keyboards, offering comfortable, quiet, and spill-resistant typing for anyone. Keyboards are not only built for comfort, but also for efficiency.
Keyboards are wireless, easy to set up and comes equipped with a 12-month battery life so you can enter text from anywhere in the room. Lokey boards come equipped with a spill-resistant design that protects against water, coffee, soda and other liquids. They are also lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport from room to room. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Best Keyboards for writers is developed for the latest operating systems and offers Logitech Easy-Switch technology for effortless switching between 3 computers. If a computer connects over Bluetooth the keyboard will be able to connect over 2.4GHz wireless.
Integrated with Logitech Easy-Switch it will connect seamlessly to your laptop when on the go by automatically detecting the operating system and input language you are using. The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard will automatically turn on when it is moved or tilted and off when it is put down. As the keyboard charges through a standard USB connection, it can be used as a wired keyboard with your laptop as well.

  • Backlit keys illumination
  • Wireless mode
  • works extremely well
  • Wrist rest a little time
  • battery life might be improved.
  • Battery life is limited

Logitech Ergo k860

Best Non-Mechanical Keyboard for writers


ConnectionUSB Type-A
Wireless Range33′ / 10.1 m

Logitech Ergo Keyboard K860 is designed to help you get more done. The elegant, distraction-free keyboard layout keeps your hands on the home row, where they’re supposed to be, giving you an effortless typing experience. The standard keyboard layout is designed to minimize the need to look at the keyboard. Comfortable, quiet, and remarkably fast, Logitech Ergo Keyboard K860 helps you work faster and more efficiently.

Logitech’s best-selling keyboard Best Non-Mechanical Keyboard for writers provides a unique curved design with a built-in palm rest. The Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless delivers a clutter-free cable-free design and easy plug-and-play set-up. It features eight programmable F-keys allowing users to set up macros for both work and entertainment. When in gaming mode, users can activate the on-board back light, allowing gamers to gain the upper hand.

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 is the latest evolution of trackball, a revolutionary human interface device that frees your hands while working and playing. The ball sits in a stylish, contoured pod that you can easily move around with your thumb, allow you to move naturally without constraining your wrist. The trackball’s smooth, precise cursor control is so comfortable and effortless that you can work, play and surf the web without ever feeling stiff or sore. It’s made to fit your hand, with convenient programmable controls located right where you want them. Even better, you can use the trackball wherever you want: at your desktop, on your home, or on your office.

  • Ergonomic curved and divided shape
  • Wrist rest that is really comfy
  • Negative tilt is provided
  • curved and divided.
  • Wrist rest cushioning
  • Negative tilt

Microsoft blutooh keyboard

Best Ergonomic Keyboard for writers


Connection interfacecompatible 4.x/5.0
Compatibility2Microsoft Windows
Dimensions17.12 x 4.87 x 0.78

The 7-microsoft Bluetooth keyboard is an innovative input device that taps into the recently emerged area of human-computer interaction. The keyboard interfaces with your desktop computer and works with your Office software. It allows you to control the PC hands-free, using the power of the human voice. Through speech recognition and voice commands, the 7-microsoft Bluetooth keyboard allows you to control the PC without touching it!

The black Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 provides a comfortable, familiar typing experience and enhanced compatibility with tablets and other devices, making it a perfect companion for your Smartphone, tablet and laptop. Available in Keyboards, Typing, Keyboards & Keypads Type even on the go with the Microsoft wireless Mobile Keyboard 6000; a compact, wireless keyboard that is powered by 2AA batteries. This ergonomically designed keyboard features precise, work-friendly keys with a quiet touch. It includes a dedicated number pad, a soft palm rest, full-sized F-keys, Windows and Internet buttons, and function key shortcuts for media.

  • Profile is slim
  • excellent beginner keyboard
  • A separate numeric keypad included
  • There is no Eject key
  • The Caps Lock illumination
  • The Windows logo

Das keyboard 4 professional

Best Keyboard for Windows Users


Cable Length6.5′ / 2 m
Dimensions(L x W x H) 18.0 x 6.8 x 0.8″
Weight2.9 lb / 1.3 kg
Interface2.4 GHz

Das Keyboard 4 Professional users need to type a lot. At Das Keyboard, our engineers looked at the media computer and its amazing progress over the years and discovered that people didn’t have to choose between an amazing typing experience and an amazing looking keyboard. Our new Professional 4 mechanical keyboard strikes the perfect balance between a beautiful design and an incredible typing experience.

While it looks professional with its anodized aluminum finish and laser etched keys, it is the togetherness of the high-quality Cherry MX key switches, gold plated ultra-smooth mechanical gold contacts and a precision molded aluminum body that makes it feel so amazing to type on. The Professional 4’s sleek, minimalistic profile has a magnetic cushioned palm rest that gives you comfort and control.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional is the ultimate productivity tool. It provides you the best way to be more comfortable and have more fun with your PC. In addition, Das Keyboard 4 Professional is engineered to give you outstanding performance, reliability and accuracy. The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate is a mechanical keyboard unlike any other. Not only is it designed to look sleek, clean and professional, but also is the fastest, most comfortable, and quietest full size keyboard available.

  • Cherry MX Blue and Brown
  • Switches are available.
  • Dedicated hardware
  • There are no audio ports onboard
  • Footbar is inconvenient
  • Angling keyboard.


Which keyboard is best for writers

With so many different types of keyboards available, finding one that works best for you can be difficult. A best keyboards for writers will improve your writing speeds and your overall productivity. This blog will look at the different types of keyboards available as well as the features that you should be looking for when you are trying to choose the best keyboard for your needs.

Writers can be an intense lot. We have a lot of demands on us and little sympathy. Part of this is because we are an introverted bunch who doesn’t like to burden others with our problem. I know that when I’m in the middle of a novel, I can go days, if not weeks without telling a soul what I’m doing. But that also means that we need to be looking after ourselves and taking care of our own needs. As a writer, you need to know that your keyboard is a vital tool in your kit. Today we’re going to look at some of the There are many, many different keyboards on the market all with different features. Some are designed for gamers, some for developers, some for students and some for writers. Which one is best for writers? 

What keyboards do professional writers use

Writers and bloggers love their keyboards. They’d probably kill to be able to use and test every possible keyboard out there. But they can’t so they still end up with a keyboard that they are not fully satisfied with. The importance of a good keyboard cannot be overstated, however. An efficient keyboard helps boost your writing speed, makes it easier for you to express yourself and improves the quality of your writing. So what keyboards do professional writers use and recommend?

They’d probably kill to be able to use and test every possible keyboard out there. But they can’t so they still end up with a keyboard that they are not fully satisfied with. The importance of a good keyboard cannot be overstated, however. An efficient keyboard helps boost your writing speed, makes it easier for you to express yourself and improves the quality of your writing. So what keyboards do professional writers use and recommend? Are you a writer?

Nowadays, everyone is talking about keyboards, from the reviewers of the big-name brands to the YouTube Gurus. For the most part, what they say is true. Which one you pick, however, depends upon your type of work and your personal tastes. So, which ones are the best for writers? Which is the best for you?

Which keyboard is best for typing in mobile

The mobile keyboard provides a smooth and fast typing experience that you get accustomed with in a few days of usage. A great mobile keyboard is just about getting about the same way, which one is the best for you may be a question that tortures you. This is what we have found.Quick question: Which keyboard is the best one to type with on your mobile? Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a phablet, typing on your mobile device can be quite a challenge. So when we are looking for a keyboard to type on our mobile device we need to look at certain things.

The best keyboard for typing on your mobile device must be easy to type with and should have a good auto-correct which will save you a lot of time in making corrections for your typos. A good auto-correct will also save you time where you have to pick between multiple words. The size of the keyboard should also be something you need to consider.

There are many keyboard for mobile users comparing with each other about style, design, size and functions, like Swype Keyboard, Touchpad Keyboard, SwiftKey Keyboard, Better Keyboard, Go Keyboard, Flexy Keyboard, etc. As a matter of fact, most mobile keyboard users admit that they need to replace their keyboard to find the best one. For that, if you want to choose and use a keyboard for your mobile, please use the following top 5 best keyboards for mobile phones.

Which Keychron should I buy

There are a lot of options for storing your car keys. You could keep them in the pocket of your jeans, or the pocket of your shorts, or the pocket of your bathing suit, or the pocket of your bathing suit. But why would you want to do that when there are KeyChron Key Holders?Keychron is a device to assist in the holding of arrows during the shot.

It is designed in such a way that it can assist a variety of people in a variety of ways. The original KeyChron was designed for archers with disabilities that prevented them from holding a bow. Since then it has been used by archers with a wide range of disabilities, from mild to severe. It has also been used by a variety of people without disabilities including senior citizens, athletes, and movie and TV productions. When it comes to KeyChron, there are two models to choose from: lighted and non-lighted. Both models measure up to 4-feet in length and are made with a sturdy aluminum tube.

The lighted KeyChron features 5 bright LED lights that can easily illuminate your path, so you can practice your swings in the evening when it’s too dark to see. The non-lighted KeyChron is the perfect pick for golfers who don’t always play at night.There are a lot of options for storing your car keys. You could keep them in the pocket of your jeans, or the pocket of your shorts, or the pocket of your bathing suit, or the pocket of your bathing suit. But why would you want to do that when there are KeyChron Key Holders?


We hope you enjoyed our article about the best keyboards for writers. With this knowledge, we know that you can write with ease on your next big novel, essay or article when using a quality keyboard like the ones we have recommended in this post. So what are you waiting for? Click on one of the links above to purchase your new keyboard today!

We hope this article has been helpful in helping you find the best keyboard for writers. We realize that there are a lot of options available and wanted to narrow it down to help you get the best keyboard for your needs. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to share with us other keyboards you like, please leave a comment below or contact us. Thank you for reading, and happy writing!

Writers need a keyboard that is comfortable and ergonomic. This is where the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard comes in. The Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is a comfortable keyboard that makes typing more comfortable. It is also designed to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and hand fatigue.

If you are looking to type and write a lot, then you’ll need a keyboard that is comfortable and easy to use. I have tried many keyboards and I have found that the best keyboard for writers is the Logitech K380. It has a comfortable design and it is a wireless keyboard so you don’t have to worry about any cords or wires. You can also see reviews on it here:  Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard Review .We hope that with this guide you are able to find the best keyboard for writers.

We know how difficult it is to find the right keyboard for your needs and we hope that this article took away some of the confusion by providing you with a list of the best keyboards for writers. We know that a writer’s life is not easy. You have to write about whatever you feel like writing about and you have to be very specific. You don’t have a choice. Even if you are a blogger and you are writing a blog, the process is still similar. You have to be specific and you have to be accurate.

You cannot use words that might fool your readers or even worse, you cannot use words that might not even exist. This is why we believe that a good keyboard is very important. A good keyboard will help you to write with ease, without making any mistakes and without getting tired even after you have written a few pages. We hope that this article has helped you choose a best keyboards for writers. If you’re looking for a keyboard that will help you type faster, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will talk about the best keyboard for writers. We will discuss what makes a good keyboard for writers, and the features you should look for when buying a keyboard.

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